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An Interview is a very short interactive story based on the real life story of Tim Grayburn and the award winning play "Fake it 'till you make it" that he developed with his girlfriend, Bryony Kimmings.

The piece was created for the Synthespians module at the Games Design and Development MA at the National Film and TV School. Luckily, the piece was picked up by a few of online magazines: Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Kill Screen. The articles can be found in the links below:

Rock Paper Shotgun
Kill Screen

The first thing that inspired me to work on this project was personal interest, which, in turn, has its roots in personal experience. Second, but equally important, was the play itself. When I first saw it, it felt like the most truthful depiction of male clinical depression I had ever experienced. As to what I wanted to achieve, I had three main goals. On a personal level, I wanted to understand a little bit better the world that my father lived in throughout his whole life – he suffered from clinical depression and episodes of extreme paranoia. Artistically, I wanted to see if I could successfully capture the complexity of Tim's struggle, if I could create a deeply personal and, at the same time, socially relevant experience. Finally, I felt that the project, if successful, could be used as a conversation opener, as an accessible way into discussing the stigma often associated with male clinical depression.

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